Leaving New York, new escrow transaction status page, and new messaging system with live notifications

Leaving New York

Sadly due to the Bitlicense we will be leaving New York. This means that anyone in New York will no longer be able to access our website and will be redirected to http://pleaseprotectconsumers.org/

Transaction Status

We have implemented a brand new Transaction Status page that allows users to login in as little as 1 click. Buyer/Sellers can login using their secret code or via Bitcoin message signature all on one page.

We also plan to allow users to login via Nubits message signature in the near future and are looking into other options as well such as Clef support and BitID. If you have any suggestions make sure to email us about it

Messaging System

Our messaging system is now brand new and greatly improved. We have added date/time stamping to all messages.

Live Notifications

A great part of our new messaging system is the live notifications. Using live notifications we can push messages to your browser to always keep you up to date on the latest information relating to your escrow transaction. This means when a new message is sent or whenever the status of your transaction has changed you will get a notification about it.

Look forward to seeing you on our site,
Escrow my Bits Team