OPEN BETA, Coinapult, and Multisignature Pegged to a fiat value using Nubits

We are now in Open Beta!!!

Escrow my Bits is now in open beta

We are proud to announce that Escrow my Bits is now in open beta. This means anyone can create an escrow transaction, sign up as a Judge, or set up an referral account. Judges can earn up to 30% of the escrow fee while a referral can earn up to 20% of the escrow fee.

We now use Coinapult for all pegging

Today we are announcing that we have moved from Bitreserve to using Coinapult for all pegging. Anyone currently using Bitreserve for pegging of escrow will be able to finish their escrow transaction, but no further Bitreserve escrow transaction will be created. With this change we now support Regular escrow pegging to USD, EUR, GBP, Gold(XAU), and Silver(XAG). By moving to Coinapult we hope to provide a smoother user experience for all users as well as provide lower fees.

Multi-signature escrow pegged to a fiat value using Nubits

We are proud to announce that we are the first and only escrow service to offer Multi-signature escrow that is pegged to a fiat value using Nubits. Nubits if you are not familiar with it, is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to peg the value of 1 NBT(nubit) to 1 USD. Nubits has been very successful keeping a very close peg of 1:1. Using Nubits we can offer multi-signature escrow that is also pegged to the USD price all in a completely trustless manner. Below is a info-graphic that explains how the process works


We are making a lot of changes at Escrow my Bits and hope to have more frequent blog posts.
Look forward to seeing you on our site,
Escrow my Bits Team